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Cosmetics boxes or display cards for one piece of eyeliner, liquid lipstick and other cosmetics are manufactured and exported by Vihaa print. These boxes are custom printed on 300 gsm board in multi colors. There is spot varnish applied post printing to highlight key areas. The unique holder on box is developed to facilitate display of bottle and give adequate protection.
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These are customized sweet boxes in tray and sleeve format. The Diwali sweet boxes are available in 25o gms, 500 gms and 1 kg. Box sizing and design can be customized.
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These Perfume boxes are made of different boards using different effects. The thickness of the board varied from 320 gsm to 400 gsm. These cardboard boxes can be customized as per your requirement.
Perfume printed boxes with multiple UV effects are manufactured with MOQ of 5000 boxes. Vihaa Print provides various design options for these boxes. This effect can also be applied on cosmetics boxes. Metallic cardboard boxes with various color options are available.
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Latest in cosmetics packages at Vihaa Print, is metallic boxes with subtle colors and varnishes. Cardboard packaging made with or with window and UV printing.